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Welcome! Our team of criminal defense attorneys practices exclusively in the Inland Empire and Pomona courts. We have successfully handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in San Bernardino and Riverside courts, including major felonies considered to be complex and difficult. We are experienced in trials on every level and have achieved outstanding and verifiable trial success results on everything from misdemeanors to major crimes.


Our criminal attorneys are full time attorneys who are experienced and dedicate 100% of their practice to criminal defense in the local courts San Bernardino and Riverside County (including Pomona court). We will never contract out a case to less experienced freelancing part-time lawyers, or independent contracting lawyers.

Misdemeanors & Felonies Only

We don't handle minor traffic infractions. We dedicate all of our time to misdemeanor and felony crimes only. 

Facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful and life changing events in a person's life. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary to secure the best possible outcome for the your criminal case. You want someone that understands every aspect of criminal law and procedure and someone who cares to put in the effort that it takes to successfully defend your case.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand that it is not only your freedom that is at stake. Penalties and punishment for criminal convictions can have a severe and unrecoverable negative affect on every aspect of your life and the life of your family. Penalties for criminal convictions can lead to incarceration (jail or prison), adverse immigration or professional licensing consequences, insurmountable monetary fines and restitution, mandatory enrollment in classes (DUI, anger management, etc.), mandatory registration (Sex offender, gang, arson, etc.), and more.

If you are charged with any misdemeanor or felony in San Bernardino, Riverside, or Los Angeles County, contact our criminal defense attorneys today for a free consultation.

There is no charge for a consultation with any of our criminal defense attorneys. Our office is always open to answer your questions and discuss your defense options.

Warning: Talking to anyone about your criminal case, especially police officers, before talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney is almost always a huge mistake. Be respectful to police during their investigation, but never talk to police before talking to a criminal defense attorney. Call today!


 Criminal Defense Attorneys


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