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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Christopher Dorado is an experienced criminal defense trial attorney representing defendants that are charged with misdemeanor or felony criminal charges in San Bernardino or Riverside County. 100% of attorney Dorado's practice is devoted to criminal defense and initial consultations are provided at no cost to the accused.

Attorney Dorado has successfully settled hundreds of criminal cases and he has maintained a very high percentage of victories at trial, including victories in very serious and violent felony criminal charges.

Attorney Dorado and his team of criminal defense attorney and investigators have successfully defended defendants against every type of criminal charge, including sex offense, assault and battery offense, gang crimes, drug crimes, DUI, vehicle offenses, white collared crimes, firearm offenses, arson, murder and manslaughter, theft crimes, and more. 

Facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful and important events in a person's life. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary to secure the best possible outcome for the defendant's criminal case.

If you are charged with any misdemeanor or felony in San Bernardino or Riverside county, including complex serious or violent crimes, contact criminal defense attorney Christoper Dorado today.

Warning: Speaking to anyone about your criminal case, especially law enforcement, before speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney is almost always a huge mistake.

The consequences for criminal convictions are as many and as varied as the number of criminal charges that exist in the criminal justice system. Attorney Dorado and his team of criminal defense attorneys will explain to you the consequences of any criminal arrest and possible defenses.

Note: Many criminal conviction carry possible jail or prison sentences, massive monetary fines, probation restrictions, professional licensing or occupational restrictions, immigration consequences, lost privileges to work or drive, mandatory classes, possible family law and divorce consequences, and more.

Attorney Dorado will patiently review your case, explain your rights, and discuss all of your options from bail, possible settlement or dismissal of criminal charges, and trial options if necessary. 

In some cases, attorney Dorado can represent you without the need for you to attend court.

In addition, criminal defense attorneys at Dorado & Dorado also represents defendants who have warrants for their arrest, who are in violation of probation, and defendants who want to expunge or pardon a criminal record.

Please take a minute to view our list of California Crimes to learn more about the type of criminal charges and possible defense that exist for any California criminal offense. In addition, our Defenses to Crimes page offers an overview of possible defense in a criminal and the difference between each defense.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in San Bernardino or Riverside county, contact criminal defense attorney and his team of experienced criminal defense attorneys today for a free consultation.



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