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Indio Jail Information (ECDC)

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Indio Jail (Riverside County Jail Bureau) is located at:

Phone Number

General Information
To Schedule a Visit


Visiting Hours for Indio Jail (Riverside County Jail Bureau) are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday


To schedule a visit for an inmate at Riverside County Jail Bureau (Indio Jail) call 951.341.8888. You must have the inmate's booking number available or the name of the inmate and his or her date of birth. To find an inmate's booking number, visit Riverside County Jail Bureau (Indio Jail) Inmate Locator.

To visit an inmate at Riverside County Jail Bureau (Indio Jail) you must make an appointment the day before the requested visit. Visiting appointments are scheduled every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

Parking is free at Indio Jail. All inmate communications are recorded (Except attorney visits to clients). 

A maximum of two persons are allowed per visit; either two adults or one adult and one child. Visitors must check in 30 minutes before a visit; visitors must also check in no later than 10 minutes before a scheduled visit.

Inmates at Indio Jail are allowed a maximum of two visits a week and each visit is approximately 45 minutes.

A valid picture identification is required for all visitors over 13 years old. ID must be issued by a federal or state agency; minors over 18 may present a school ID.

All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to visit without a parent or guardian present.

All visitors to Indio Jail are subject to search of their person or property without warrant, including vehicle searches; criminal background checks for all visitors is common.

Visitors must visit only the inmate for which the visit was scheduled. Visitors must stay within the area of the jail designated for visiting. Once the visitor leaves the visiting area the visit is terminated.

There are public restrooms in the lobby of the Indio Jail but there are no restrooms in the visiting areas. There is no eating or drinking in the visitation areas.

Visitors may only bring car keys and one baby bottle to any visit. No tobacco in any form, weapons, alcohol, cell phones, or cameras are allowed in the visiting area. No firearms are allowed anywhere on Riverside County Jail Bureau (Indio jail) property.

No person 1) recently released from jail or prison, 2) previously convicted of a felony, or 3) presently out on bail bond, may visit an inmate at Indio jail without prior written permission from Riverside County Jail Bureau.

Named victims of inmates may not be allowed to visit the inmate if there is a criminal protective order or restraining order in place against the inmate. To visit an inmate that is restrained from visits by named victims the inmate will need to secure permission from the court.

For security or safety reasons, a visit may be canceled without notice at any time. Also, for security reasons, inmates in protective custody may have limits on visitation.

For limitations on protective custody inmates, visits by clergy or bail agents, or visits to inmates with physical or mental health disabilities, please call the phone number listed above under To Schedule a Visit.

Proper Attire During Visits:

All visitors must dress in appropriate attire. Visitors who fail to comply with the following rules may be denied their visit.

No gang attire. No clothing displaying offensive or obscene language or pictures. No transparent garments. No tank tops. No strapless tops. No exposure of chest, stomach, genitals, or buttocks. No short skirts lower than mid-thigh or clothes that reveal underwear. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Money on Inmate's Books  & Release of Property:

To put money an inmate's books means to deposit money at the Indio jail that may be used by the inmate for commissary items. There are limits to the amount of money an inmate may have deposited on his or her books. This amount is subject to change periodically. Please call the phone number listed above under general information for more information on how to put money on an inmate's books.

An inmate at Indio Jail may have his or her property released to another person by filling out a release of property form. Property includes items that were taken from the inmate upon arrest, items acquired while in custody, or funds previously placed on the inmate's books.

Inmate Information

For inmate booking information visit: Indio Jail Inmate Locator. For information concerning the inmates criminal charges, or defenses to any criminal charge, contact our criminal defense attorneys today.

Serving Inmates with Court Paperwork:

To serve an Indio Jail inmate with legal documents such as divorce paperwork, restraining orders, or eviction notices, you will need to contact the sheriff's department at the phone number listed above for General Information.

To have documents notarized, such as power of attorney, contracts, or property transfers, you must have a notary schedule a visit with Indio Jail. Our office offers notary services for inmates at Indio jail. 

Our experienced criminal attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in California. Our attorneys are available seven days a week to answer your questions free of charge.


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Information for Indio Jail (Riverside County Jail Bureau)

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Indio Jail Phone Number, Address, Visiting Hours 

Bail Information

Bailing out of jail is the process of paying money to secure a release from jail. In addition to posting bail, the accused must make promises to appear in court in the future. Some cases are not bailable, or may require an additional bond. This usually applies to major crimes, defendants who have violated probation, or for non-U.S. citizens.

Note: the court date to appear is usually given to the bail agent at the time of release on bail.

The amount of bail that is to be paid is initially set by the arresting officer who sets the amount of bail according to a bail schedule. For example: The bail schedule for the crime of Prostitution in San Bernardino County is $25,000, for the crime of Pimping, it is $50,000, etc.

Sometimes, after the accused has already bailed out of jail, the district attorney subtracts, adds, or changes criminal charges; therefore, the amount of bail required may change either upwards, downwards, or become unnecessary altogether.

Note: If criminal charges are dropped after the accused bailed out of jail, and the accused used a private bail company to post bail, the accused will not receive a refund from the bail company.

If the criminal charges increase after the accused has already bailed out of jail the judge may require the defendant to post additional bail. This is also true where the defendant did not post bail but rather was released on his or her own recognizance from the jail before court.

There is an option to stake the entire bail amount with the court in lieu of using a private bail company; however, most people use a bail company because bail companies charge as little as five percent of the total bail amount to secure release. The benefit of staking money with the court as opposed to using a private bail company is that the defendant may have a hundred percent return of the amount staked with the court once bail is exonerated or no longer necessary. A bail company always keeps the premium, or percentage, paid. 

It may be possible to lower the defendant's bail to below the bail schedule amount. This is usually accomplished through a bail hearing where the defendant's danger to the community and flight risk, among other factors, are considered by a judge.

To learn more about bail, how to bail someone out of jail or Indio Jail, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Dorado & Dorado, or visit Bail Information.


Update 12/1/2016

Information for Riverside County Jail at Indio (Phone Number, Address, & Visiting)

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