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Self Defense

In California, a defendant is privileged to use force against another person if the defendant reasonably believes he or she must use force to defend himself against the threat of immediate harm.

The amount of force used to defend must be reasonable in relationship to the harm threatened (a defendant cannot shoot a person because he or she believes that he or she is about to be pushed).

Also, the defendant must reasonably believe that he or she is immediately about to be harmed; for example, a defendant cannot stab a person because the defendant believes that the stabbed person was going to throw a rock at the defendant the next day).A defendant is not privileged to use deadly force unless he or she is confronted with deadly force. For example, a defendant is privileged to use deadly force against a person who is threatening the defendant with a loaded gun.If the defendant was the initial aggressor he or she cannot use self defense unless the victim responded with excessive force, or the defendant withdrew from the fight (usually by stating that he or she gives up or attempts to get away from the fight). In other words, even if a defendant starts a fight he or she might be privileged to use self defense.

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